Citizen Night Club

About Citizen Nightclub

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Complete with everything from mirrored doors and arched bronze portals leading you in to a dome ceiling and LED ribbons inside, Citizen Nightclub is sure to fit in at the opulent Aria. If that wasn't enough to entice you, the dance floor is surrounded by granite VIP banquettes with leather upholstery.

As DJ booths have become more than just a place to house the deck and stack the performer's Monster cans, Hakkasan's properties have continually upped the ante on the beauty and functionality of the spaces. Citizen Nightclub has huge dual-sided LED video screens that sync with the music and offer 360-degree movement. We're talking a wall of light that bumps with the beat. If you can't get into the groove on this dance floor then you should probably head out the club and your funk bone checked. And we haven't even gotten upstairs yet..

When it's 10 p.m., you just got up two hours ago and you're deciding which club to go to, just think about which one sums up its magnificence right there in the name. Then go to Citizen Nightclub.